Our Mission

The mission of PAREO POLSKA is to offer the top best services, deep understanding of customers' needs and fulfillment of market expectations.


We offer individual approach to each particular customer and to each particular project. Our Engineering and Customer Support Teams are flexible and reactive, always ready to design and adjust the solutions in accordance with the strict Customers' requirements.


We offer:
•    customized production, integration and deliveries of complex integrated industrial solutions
•    professional R&D and engineering services
•    industrial designing services


We specialize in manufacturing, designing and engineering for various branches including telecom, power, automotive, traffic management, advertising, building constructions and  many others. Technological and functional solutions chosen with the highest care ensure the highest possible level of reliability and durability of our systems and designed applications.


Our goal is to reach Total Customers' Satisfaction from products, services offered by PAREO-POLSKA, provide the highest Customer Support standards and achieve the perfection in our activities.