In our new factility we started integration and assemblies of outdoor cabinets for power applications!

The production concerns 500 cabinets annualy. Our supplies will include :

- mechanical assemblies of the cabinets
- copper cable assemblies
- verification and assemblies of electrical components
- verification and assemblies of cooling and heating system
- tests on integrated cabinets : to be in accordance with safety regulations and Customer's requirements









PAREO POLSKA started relization and supplies for next strategic and international project focused on designing, engineering and manufacturing of TV emmitter cabinets

Our activities were focused on :

R&D phase: designing, engineering and creation of complete manufacturing documentation

Integration phase : engineering and instructions concerning integrated cabinets

Serial manufacturing phase : realization and serial deliveries made directly by PAREO POLSKA

The project is the result of team work of PAREO POLSKA engineers in direct cooperation with the Customer and suppliers of particular components, the result of what is high quality product meeting the toughest Customer's reuqirements.





Teams of industrial designing, mechanical and electronic engineering of PAREO POLSKA and our Customer finished designing works and started the realization of new MCS electronic system in devices responsible for management of information in the industrial sites.

Complete device is an independent unit with its own CPU core, memory package and cooling system. The solution has excellent technical characteristics and is built from the best in class electronic and mechanical components. The users interface is based on one-touch technology, to which high quality 14" and 32" touch screens were integrated.

The MCS device is equipped with wide range of accessories and components designated strictly to the most demanding requirements of final Customer.

The software and its user's interface is dedicated in accordance with the requirement of final Customer and place of destination.

The structure of the device, used electronic and CPU solutions let us dedicate it to other applications, such as commercial, safety & defense of objects, etc.

Production, integration and supplies of complete solutions is realized directly by PAREO POLSKA under our strict quality procedures.



PAREO POLSKA manufactures complete control cabinets dedicated to the crisis management emiterowka2 centers.


Thanks to the task oriented work of our industrial designers, electrical and mechanical engineers PAREO POLSKA started realization of supplies of complete control cabinets dedicated to manage the operations of crisis management centers.

Choise of materials and components, manufacturing and integration is being made directly by and in PAREO POLSKA.

Design and supplies are directed to the international markets, thru to close technical cooperation between PAREO POLSKA and one of the worlds leader on the market of power and electrical applications.

This is the next time PAREO POLSKA proves that we are able to design, integrate and produce customized systems and solutions, dedicated to the strict customers requirements.






We implemented the next product into serial supplies, which is a part of designed by us electronic system of audiovisual distribution.

The main purpose of the system and our device is the stabilization of audio-visual signal and its undisturbed distribution on certain distances.

Additional feature of the device is its high protection degree against the access of unauthorized people to the electronic parts of the system.

The product is based on electronic and mechanical components of the highest quality.

Implementation into serial production started after obtaining official approval of our design and after the supply of serie of prototypes.

Serial manufacturing is completely realized by PAREO POLSKA under strict technical & quality control of our engineers and always under highest quality standards of PAREO POLSKA.

The scale of the project concerns a dozen of thousands of pcs. and parts of the system to be supplied regularly.

This way we develop strongly our manufacturing specialization focused on supplies of customized and complete electronic and electro-mechanical devices and components.




We hereby inform about the new success of PAREO POLSKA concerning designing and production of 2-skin outdoor cabinets.

Our design meets the highest technical requirements, namely: resistance to corrosion, protection against the access of unauthorized objects or persons, thermal insulation and protection against humidity, enabling the stable work conditions of the inside devices operating in the outside temperatures ranging from -30 till +60 degrees C.

To the realization of this project PAREO POLSKA was chosen by our Customer from the scope of many competitors. Our solution was awarded thanks to meeting of all technical requirements and the competitive price offer.

The structure of the cabinet was designed by the elektro-mechanical engineers of PAREO POLSKA. The desing made opens us the door to similar constructions dedicated to the power branch and other branches, where the protection of work conditions of the inside devices is strictly necessary. Our engineering teams are currently working on the line of universal outdoor cabinets based on this new construction.

Production of the cabinets is made totally in PAREO POLSKA, under the strict control of our industrial designers and in accordance with strict quality regulations of PAREO POLSKA.

First delivery of the 2-skin cabinets was realized in July 2009.



We invite to the co-operation.


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