We hereby inform about the new success of PAREO POLSKA concerning designing and production of 2-skin outdoor cabinets.

Our design meets the highest technical requirements, namely: resistance to corrosion, protection against the access of unauthorized objects or persons, thermal insulation and protection against humidity, enabling the stable work conditions of the inside devices operating in the outside temperatures ranging from -30 till +60 degrees C.

To the realization of this project PAREO POLSKA was chosen by our Customer from the scope of many competitors. Our solution was awarded thanks to meeting of all technical requirements and the competitive price offer.

The structure of the cabinet was designed by the elektro-mechanical engineers of PAREO POLSKA. The desing made opens us the door to similar constructions dedicated to the power branch and other branches, where the protection of work conditions of the inside devices is strictly necessary. Our engineering teams are currently working on the line of universal outdoor cabinets based on this new construction.

Production of the cabinets is made totally in PAREO POLSKA, under the strict control of our industrial designers and in accordance with strict quality regulations of PAREO POLSKA.

First delivery of the 2-skin cabinets was realized in July 2009.



We invite to the co-operation.