We implemented the next product into serial supplies, which is a part of designed by us electronic system of audiovisual distribution.

The main purpose of the system and our device is the stabilization of audio-visual signal and its undisturbed distribution on certain distances.

Additional feature of the device is its high protection degree against the access of unauthorized people to the electronic parts of the system.

The product is based on electronic and mechanical components of the highest quality.

Implementation into serial production started after obtaining official approval of our design and after the supply of serie of prototypes.

Serial manufacturing is completely realized by PAREO POLSKA under strict technical & quality control of our engineers and always under highest quality standards of PAREO POLSKA.

The scale of the project concerns a dozen of thousands of pcs. and parts of the system to be supplied regularly.

This way we develop strongly our manufacturing specialization focused on supplies of customized and complete electronic and electro-mechanical devices and components.