Teams of industrial designing, mechanical and electronic engineering of PAREO POLSKA and our Customer finished designing works and started the realization of new MCS electronic system in devices responsible for management of information in the industrial sites.

Complete device is an independent unit with its own CPU core, memory package and cooling system. The solution has excellent technical characteristics and is built from the best in class electronic and mechanical components. The users interface is based on one-touch technology, to which high quality 14" and 32" touch screens were integrated.

The MCS device is equipped with wide range of accessories and components designated strictly to the most demanding requirements of final Customer.

The software and its user's interface is dedicated in accordance with the requirement of final Customer and place of destination.

The structure of the device, used electronic and CPU solutions let us dedicate it to other applications, such as commercial, safety & defense of objects, etc.

Production, integration and supplies of complete solutions is realized directly by PAREO POLSKA under our strict quality procedures.