fff Laser Cutting

Our custom laser cutting service gives anyone the ability to create custom parts from a variety of materials. Laser cutting also allows you to realize intricate designs that are too complex for creating by hand. We can laser cut almost anything you can draw, including sharp angles, smooth curves, small screw holes, and complex lace designs, and we also offer laser engrave text, logos, and photos on to your parts. We provide services on most modern laser cutters with power of up to 5 kW, accept any number of unit orders and guarantee 100% repeatability of shapes. Additionally, we use the most modern technological programs and digital control which results in excellent precision, maximization of material use and unprecedented savings.






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CNC Bending

In order to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations we offer a wide array of sheet metal CNC bending guaranteeing 100% repeatability of shapes. Moreover, the experience of press operators plus constant engineering supervision as well as the use of modern programming and digital control make it possible to obtain excellent quality and cost-effective solutions.


bending-1 bending-2 bending-33 bending-4



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Instalation (pressing) of norm items


Assembly of pressed-in norm items is the fastest and the most cost effective process, ensuring high precision of positioning of all installed norm items. For our production processes we use modern pneumatic or hydraulic presses for installation of threaded items (nuts, sleeves, studs) effectively, fast, precisely and in attractive prices.



powder-painting-1 painting-2 powder-painting



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TIG/MIG Welding

Experienced and certified welders provide manual welding services for stainless steel, steel and aluminum. We have high performing TIG welding machine. With the concentrated heat and precise control of the TIG arc, thin material (.010 in) can be welded efficiently and with the highest precision.


MIG Welding Benefits:

  • High productivity
  • Minimum cleanupo.
  • Can weld sheet metals in all positions
  • Long welds can be carried out without interruption
  • Higher deposition rates


TIG Welding Benefits:

  • Free of spatter
  • Superior quality welds
  • Low distortion
  • Welding variables can be precisely controlled
  • Welding can be carried out with or without fillers





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Soldering of metal sheet elements and threaded norm items


We offer two different types of soldering:

  • soldering of metal sheet elements - in this process we use modern soldering machines enabling us durable connection of metal sheet elements of thickness 5mm + 5mm
  • soldering of threaded norm items - in this process we use modern machines and devices for soldering of copper, steel or aluminium norm items or connection accessories (sleeves, studs, grounding or cable management elements, etc.).


We ensure best in class quality, durability of connection, precision of the process and attractive prices.


powder-painting-1 painting-2 powder-painting





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drill process cutting-1

Drilling and Sawing

Our top drilling and sawing service provides accurately worked elements with intricate detail to large format as well as custom parts with clients needs in mind. We consider each and every customer drilling requirement individually.










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grindinig process Our facility is equipped with a variety of machine accessories to complete even the most complex grinding tasks with the highest precision. We have a full range of spindle tooling in stock, plus capability to manufacture custom solutions from special materials. Our experienced operators always maintain the equipment to meet tight thickness, flatness and parallel tolerance requirements. We always optimize production cycles without any compromise on the quality and provide the most modern methods of production planning which guarantee the realization of orders in the shortest time possible.









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Powder and Wet Painting

Here's are quite a few reasons why you should use Powder Painting:
No Fumes, No Messy Cleanup, Odorless, One Coat Fast Drying, Extremely Chip Resistant and Durable, Non-Flammable, Non-Hazardous, No Solvents or Mixing Required, Brilliant High Gloss Fluorescent Finish in less than 10 Seconds, Blend (dry mix) Powder Paints to Create Custom Colours.

powder-painting-1 painting-2 powder-painting wet-painting-1




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Surface Protection

The protection methods for materials:
Anti corrosive paint coating, hot dip galvanizing, electroplating, spray galvanizing, chromium plating, aluminum spraying, rubberizing, coil coating of sheet steel,

anodizing, etc. chrom-1 chrom-2 chrom-3



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